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St Mary's Primary School Banbridge

Mr Mackle's P7 Class Visit Palace Stables

1st Feb 2019

On the 31st January our class visited Palace Stables to learn about life as a Victorian. First our class went on a mystery tour around the grounds and discovered the Stable Buildings, the Church, the Greenhouse, the Whistling Tunnel and finally the Ice House. Next, we had a chance to play with some old Victorian playground games and it was so much fun. Then we heard the bell and we had to line up for the Headmaster, he was very strict. We listened and discovered that children in the Victorian era learned latin and you had to bring a lump of coal everyday. After the Headmaster we visited the butler and he was so funny. You had to choose from a range of Victorian artefacts and sort them in the right place. We then had our lunch and went home on the bus. 


The class and I would like to thank Paul 1, Paul 2 and John Paul for making the day so much fun, it was a great experience.  


By Adam McCann