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St Mary's Primary School Banbridge

Pumpkin Volcanic Eruption in P2 Mrs Quigley's class

24th Oct 2018


To make your mini pumpkin volcanos start by cutting out the stem area as you would to carve a Jack O’Lantern. Keep the opening on the small side as that makes the eruption more interesting.


Place your mini pumpkin volcano on some sort of tray or lid to a plastic storage container.  This can get a bit messy, but that’s part of the fun! If the weather is still nice, take the experiment outside!


Add a few spoonfuls of baking soda to the pumpkin. Then add a few drops of dish soap and lastly add a few drops of food coloring if desired!


Get ready for mini pumpkin volcanos! Pour vinegar into a bowl. Watch the fun! You can repeat the process over and over with more vinegar and more baking soda. The dish soap gives the eruption a foamy appearance.

Kids and adults are amazed by baking soda science experiments, especially mini pumpkin volcanos! The children never tire of watching the bubbling, erupting, fizzing action. Mini pumpkin volcanos are simple science and perfect for showing a chemical reaction.

When the acid {vinegar), and the base {baking soda} combine, they make a gas called carbon dioxide which is the eruption you see. Because we have given the reaction a small cavity and opening, the eruption comes up and out of the mini pumpkin like a volcano!